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ALLIX : Feed formulation software A-Systems

Feed formulation

The feed formulation software Allix includes the most advanced features available on this niche market without any compromise when it comes to ergonomy and confort.  

The available features combined with the modularity of the software allows to package solutions meeting the expectations of a wide diversity of users working in the animal nutrition industry such as :

  • Feed producers
  • Petfood producers
  • Aquaculture producers and consultants
  • Premix producers
  • Enzyme producers and distributors

The user interface quality enables to easily and securely manage a large number of data.


Multi Formulation

Purchase and stock optimisation software

The multi formulation allows you to optimise the whole production. It provides you a clear and comprehensive view of all the raw material purchases. It also gives you the possibility to adapt the formulas to your stocks finding the cheapest raw material allocation. Numerous simulations become feasable specially using the multi-parametrics. This powerful tool enables to make variations on a set of parameters applied on the formulation problem (prices, tonnages, ingredient nutritional values…)

The bin optimisation module helps to choose the raw materials to allocate in the bins in order to use them at the mill.


The « OPTIFLOW » module available in the multi formulation enables to modelise the purchases as well as to postpone, resell and manage the remaining stocks in order to get the lower cost price.


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