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A-Systems alongside its customers: a training offer tailored to your needs


A-Systems alongside its customers:

a training offer tailored to their needs


DSM Allix training


A-Systems organizes tailor-made training as well as group training. The purpose of the tailor-made training sessions is to provide our customers with the information they need to improve the use of our software. It is thanks to these one-off trainings that our users can acquire new skills allowing them to use Allix at 100% capacity.


Last November, the new Asia-based A-Systems technical team organized a training session with one of our customers DSM Animal Nutrition & Health. This training was an opportunity for the DSM Animal Nutrition & Health team in Asia - Pacifico see or review the tools available to them in their Allix3 software.


The training provided was about the ergonomic aspects of our software (data manipulation, user interface, adaptations to their individual practices) as on the functional aspects (how to go from the verification of the data to production of the optimised recipes). Everyone, either an intensive user of Allix³ or occasional user finds the opportunity to renew its practices, to discover "tips and tricks" that will allow them to take better advantage of their software.


It is also an opportunity to exchange between users and compare practices to get the best.


A-Systems also organizes group training for customers wishing to benefit from this service. The next group training is scheduled for March 12 in Bangkok in the wings of the VIV Asia. If you use Allix and plan to go to this international event, do not hesitate to contact us to finalize your registration.


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