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Participating the events of the feed-processing industry


Participating to the events
of the feed-processing industry 


With the objective of being closer to our customers around the world, A-Systems attends different international events on all continents. It is during events like VIV, IPPE, VICTAM or the last event we attended the Eurotier, that we have the chance to exchange with our customers and prospects in a dedicated space for the feed-processing industry.   


If you are a client and you would like to talk about your specific projects or if you work with another formulation software, but want to know about ours, we have the pleasure of welcoming you in these events. We have people that can speak English, Spanish, French, Portuguese or Korean, so you can interact in any of those languages. If you would rather have a privileged representative, please do not hesitate to ask for a meeting in advance.


We also take advantages of these events to talk about our newest tools such as:

- WebLINK, that can be useful to exchange data with your customers or your sales team. Our platform WebLINK is connected directly with Allix and allows you to import and export data in a safe environment, enabling monitoring data from the moment you send the information until the download of the data, thus you can insure the operations tracking. 

- RMLINK, a new technology that enables a dynamic online calculation of nutritional values of raw materials.



For more information about our attendance to the industry events,

please contact us



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