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The importance of training


A-Systems - Be properly trained so you can use your 

fomulation software tools better


Allix gives you the possibility of making your formulation work in a more efficient way. To best enjoy all the futures that Allix has to offer, it is important that you are properly trained so you can get to know deeply all the tools which you could use while working.


What is the role of training?


Be properly trained to optimize the use of the tools offered in your formulation software, is equal to making your investment profitable. If you can use Allix at 100% of its possibilities, this will allow you to save time that you would normally spend in repetitive daily chores.

So, the role of training is giving you access to an efficient use of all the features that Allix has to offer. Furthermore, instead of just giving you a few basic instructions, or a training manual to discover on your own how the software works, A-Systems puts at your disposal different training possibilities: video tutorials, online share screen with a member of our technical team, onsite training days in your office or in our headquarters.  


Video tutorials, one part of our training offer

Despite user-friendly ergonomics, learning the numerous tools in Allix takes time. To help you with this task, A-Systems puts at your disposal a training video guide to explain every basic tool available in Allix. Whether you need to manage your nutrients, your raw materials, your formula, your diets, your formulation reports or your customers, you can find in our guide, videos dedicated to each subject. These allow you to be trained at your own pace, when you want it, where you want it.  

These videos are at your disposal in your customers account within our website.


For more information about our training video guide,

please contact us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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