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Allix Customers Testimonials - Christa



"Working with Allix is an experience that it’s worth it every penny.  There are a lot of useful  tools (product monitoring, labeling, all the reports that the software has,  price comparison etc...) that  can organize, plan  and help while creating production Q.


At the beginning I was afraid of, but a month later I felt comfortable using the software. Like every new software it takes time to get used to it, but the interface helps to catch up fast. So I should say : it was easy to move to Allix.

A-Systems has a good support. In the mean time I like the idea that they put an evolution list, so we can follow what the updates change and what new options we have.   


I would recommend the Non Linear Adjustment feature as it makes easy to understand how the enzymes save money."


Yordan Ilchev
Nutrition Account Manager

Christa is the leading Bulgarian premix provider



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