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A-Systems: What do we do?


A-Systems – What do we do?


We are a software developer for the animal nutrition industry, recognized worldwide for our formulation program Allix. We also count with other well know software like KAllix (quality control program) and Ruminix (Ruminant rationing program).


Incorporated in Versailles, in France in 2001, our Team of IT engineers, mathematicians and nutritionists creates high quality products, with comprehensive tools and user-friendly systems to respond to the growing needs of the market.


Besides our products, quality of customer service has always been one of the main concerns for A-Systems. Therefore, when possible, local contacts are available (in Asia, America, Europe & Africa).


We also keep a close relationship with our customers thanks to various tools: we can support them with remote access when they need it, we also count with a monthly meeting to discuss about the tools of Allix3, we have an online training program and we provide constant software updates; that’s why our solutions are used nowadays in more than 70 countries.


Allix3 formulation software


Allix3 formulation software has been recently re-written (2016), using standard Microsoft tools meaning it is especially easy to integrate into any IT system. At the user’s level, this also means that Allix3 can be used in tandem with various software such as MS Excel.


In order to simplify the integration of Allix3 into the IT system of your company, A-Systems insures that all interfacing from the formulation software to other systems are kept operational. This is made easier given the fact that when going from another formulation software to Allix3, existing data are imported into Allix3 thanks to our Easy Switch service.


Allix3 allows to manage data required for the formulation (nutrients, ingredients, pricelists, formulas, customers...) in an easy way. The home page is customized by user, the data can be graph when relevant, any alphabet can be handle, between others features.


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